Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Mums Are Here....

Probably not for long, but I think today was one of my best chances to get a good photo of them. Plus, I thought I could show you the rest of our outdoor decor- what little there is! I keep it simple with orange and white pumpkins and our burnt orange mums. Then this year I added the autumn berry wreath- love it! I don't do anything special for Halloween, other than carving the pumpkins, and we might not even do that this year :(

Oh and Dear Japanese Maple Tree- if there is anyway you could hold on to those leaves for just a few more weeks, I'd love you dearly...well even more than I already do. Thanks!

And then I thought I'd share a few more inspiration pics with you! They make me want to eat a big bowl of chili next to the fire!

*Pics courtesy of Pottery Barn and Martha Stewart


  1. I love your berry wreath! Also those Martha Stewart pumpkins... adorable! Makes me want to take a power drill to some pumpkins!

  2. Your mums and pumpkins and door look so welcoming and perfectly fall! I love the Japanese Maple too! :)


  3. love the lit pumpkins, they are gorgeous! And the front of your house looks great - this time of the year is my favorite to decorate the outside :)


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