Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Week 2: Happy House Cleaning Challenge

Ok folks. We are at Week 2! How did you do last week? I was 7 for 7 on making my bed. It was pretty easy right? I told you I'd start you off slow. If you are new to the challenge, no worries! Just join in on the fun now!

But let's take this challenge up a notch. If you would have proposed this task to me last year at this time my eyes would have bulged out of my head. Now, it's a no brainer. You ready?


I don't care if it's shining. I don't care if there are dishes drying next to it. But that sink needs to be empty! Dirty dishes should either be in the dishwasher, or drying in the drying rack before you go to bed. Believe me, it's a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning and walk into the kitchen to get that all important first cup of joe and see an empty sink and NO DIRTY DISHES!

The only exception to my rule is if the dishwasher is full, running, and won't be done before I go to bed. If there were extra dishes, I just rinse them out and put them on the right side of the sink. Then in the morning, I'll empty the dishwasher and put the rinsed ones in. (This is rare for me though)

So get to it! And don't forget to keep making your bed.

1. Make Your Bed!
2. Empty Your Sink!

Post in the comments how many days you made your bed this week. We'll keep checking in each Wednesday to see how you are doing. Hint Hint- posting your weekly matter how good you did....might benefit you at the end of the challenge. Might even benefit you half way through...just saying.

p.s. don't forget to add the super cute Happy House Cleaning Challenge button to your blog! instructions are on the top right side of the blog.


  1. hey molly! i just started reading your blog - i could def use some help around the house; i am so unmotivated sometimes!

    anyway, to keep up with everything, i make the bed 7/7 days - i just have makes me feel so much better when i walk into our bedroom at the end of the day! AND i just sat down after cleaning out dirty dishes in the sink. i am on the right tack ;)

  2. I'm bad about making the bed- I think I only did it once last week, maybe twice. But I'll be much better with this weeks challenge - I can't stand dirty dishes out! I clean up the kitchen nightly, and sometimes more than once a day depending on how much cooking I did!

  3. hehe! Dh makes the bed but I post for him, hehe, he made it 7 out of 7. The sink one is going to be tough! I hate the dirty dishes but I also hate washing them...But I do hate coming into the kitchen and feeling like it's dirty! Can't wait to see how you do next week!

  4. I've been doing the empty sink for about a year now. Makes such a huge difference in how clean and presentable my house looks now! I'll admit that I wipe it out with a towel because I can't stand water spots. I wish I could stop. lol

  5. i was 7/7 for th bed making challenge..although i missed this morning! :c( i will make up for it though and make the bed when i get home from work. i am excited to the empty sink challenge!

  6. we were OOT 2 days, but i made the bed 4/5 days we were actually home. our apt is small but the kitchen, dining, LR are all open and connected- a clean sink makes a giant improvement to the entire living area- this is a great challenge!

  7. I've seen challenges like this on other websites, and never made it through, but decided to give your challenge a try!

    We're really good about making the bed every morning, so that was 7/7 last week. We have a dishwasher so that will help the empty sink challenge, but we usually have a couple things that have to be handwashed every night.

  8. I started the challenge one day late but did go 6/6 on the is such a relief to see that made bed every night.
    The sink thing is going to be tough for me, so this is an awesome challenge to add to my day.

  9. 7/7 YIPPEE! That's a first in a long time. It certainly wasn't beautiful everyday, but it was made.

    I'm usually pretty good about having a clear sink, so I may have to work at having a clean, shiny sink. =)

  10. Hey Molly! I just started reading your blog two weeks ago and I love it.

    I'd say the bed was made 5/7 last week. :( The dirty dishes is definitely going to be a challenge as I hate washing dishes!! But now that I have a dishwasher I think I'll be able to keep that sink empty at night!

  11. I did really well with making my bed! It helps that I love my bedding and the way it looks when the bed is made. The sink challenge will be super hard!!

  12. 0/7....I totally forgot all about it. :(

  13. I am new and just starting to follow your blog. Funny because I just posted my chores (including my daily chores) on my blog today. I make my bed every morning already and I am with you, I have to have that sink empty before bed every night!! So I am good for these two weeks. If you want to follow my blogs:
    This should be FUN!!!

  14. I love, love your blog! I have to admit that it is very hard for me to make the bed in the morning being that I leave first in the morning and hubby is still sleep(he works in the afternoon). I guess I will have to tell the hubby to make the bed everyday, he is usually good about this but I have to make it a must now.

  15. I read about the last challenge 5 days ago and I ended up being 5/5 for the bed making challenge!
    This is crazy since I NEVER made my bed before unless we were having company over.
    I love your blog! It has definitely given me motivation to start getting more organized!

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