Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy House Cleaning Challenge: Week 5

I gave you a little hint earlier today about the added challenge for this week. Yes, this week is all about the mail! If not conquered, it can easily become a disease that infests kitchen counters, your dining table, the desk...the list goes on and on! So this week, we are adding on a task that is more about organizing than cleaning...but don't worry, I've got plenty more cleaning tasks to throw at you, for now:

Week 5: Sort the Mail!

This task should be fairly easy. If you feel as though this is another daunting addition, refer to my previous post to give you some tips on how to really take charge of your snail mail. As I said before, it's ok if the mail isn't all "handled" just so long as it's in its spot. You don't need to pay each bill that comes in right away, just have a place on your desk to pay it later. The key is that your mail is organized and not just piling up!

And of course, don't forget about our first 4 daily tasks:

1. Make Your Bed!
2. Empty the Sink!
3. Clear the Clutter!
4. Sweep the Kitchen Floor!
5. Sort the Mail!

Are we having fun yet? :)

And as always, post a comment telling me how well you did last week on the challenges, regardless of how well you did. You know're a smart cookie.

Oh! I forgot to give my stats! I was 7/7 on the sink, 7/7 on the clutter, 7/7 on the bed...and 6/7 on sweeping. I completely forgot on Saturday night, but I did it right away on Sunday morning- it worked well since I had the Cider Crawl that day anyway, so I wanted a nice fresh sweep!


  1. Yikes, I didn't do so well this week. Working 12 hour days is REALLY bad for your house. Haha! I will try to get back on track this week though! :)

  2. I have to admit this has been my worst week. I kind of lost count of pretty much everything (although it could have been much worse)! But I'm hanging in there and continuing the challenge!
    My house is already much more organized and cleaner since starting your challenge though!

  3. oooh, sort the mail. this should be an easy one for me, this is my husband's job! :c)

    1. make the bed - i'm getting better i think i was 5/7 on this one.
    2. empty the sink - 6/7.
    3. clear the clutter - 6/7.
    4. sweep the kitchen floor - 4/7...oops.

  4. Still not doing well on making the bed (I think maybe 1/7), but I did pretty good on emptying the sink and clearing the clutter (prob 7/7 and 5/7). Sweeping the kitchen floor - that happened once. Thats a tough one! At least this weeks is pretty easy for me - I have a similar system for my mail already and go through it each day.

  5. I am 7/7 for all of the tasks. I already do our mail too. Aren't you proud?? That is a big pet peeve of mine...mail lying around. So I do exactly what you do...I sort as soon as I get it. Everything has a place (most of it in the recycle or trash). I am excited that I will be 7/7 on this one next week! I love following your blog!!

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