Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy House Cleaning Challenge: Week 9

Well my little clean house challengers, we are really winding down this event. And I say that with such hesitation, because it doesn't really end after the 10th week is over. Keep in mind, these are all things that can easily be done throughout the day. So don't think of it as the end, but just the start of some new routines!

So let's talk about this last week. Mine was so so. I'll break it down.
1. Make Your Bed 7/7
2. Empty the Sink 6/7
3. Clear the Clutter 7/7
4. Sweep the Kitchen Floor 6/7
5. Sort the Mail
6. Spray Your Shower 6/7
7. Write It Down 5/7
8. Organize Your Outerwear 6/7

So mostly good, but Saturday night got me. We got back late, and my first and only stop was bed. But regardless, the house felt clean and organized, and that's what the goal is here anyway!

Let's move on to this week. C'mon, only two more weeks! (And I promise to take it easy on you for our last week) I bet this one is something you already cover, so this might be an easy week as well. This is definitely a task that I can't stand NOT to do! Hopefully you feel that way too. So, with no further delay:

WEEK 9: Clean the Counters

You probably use your counters every day be it in the kitchen or the bathroom, and most likely that means they get dirty. I know I personally love to work with a clean surface, so it's just habit for me to clean them as I go, but once in awhile, the bathroom counter gets neglected and is less than fresh at the end of the day. So, my goal is to wipe them down each least if they are dirty. So, I'm challenging you to do it too! It should also encourage you to keep a cleared counter as well!

Let's recap all the quick and easy tasks on our list!
1. Make Your Bed!
2. Empty the Sink!
3. Clear the Clutter!
4. Sweep the Kitchen Floor!
5. Sort the Mail!

6. Spray Your Shower!
7. Write It Down!
8. Organize Your Outerwear!
9. Clean the Counters!

Last thing before I go, of course don't forget to post your results in the comments! Even if they are 0/7! Stay motivated peeps! We're almost to the finish line!


  1. Ooh yay, this week's challenge should be pretty easy for me!

    make the bed: 5/7
    clear the sink: 4/7
    clear the clutter: 3/7
    sweep the kitchen: 6/7
    sort the mail: 6/7
    spray the shower: 3/7
    write it down: 2/7
    organize outerwear: 6/7

  2. Meh - there are some of these that just aren't "routine" for us:
    bed: 2/7
    sink: 6/7
    clutter: 5/7
    sweep: 1/7
    mail: 7/7
    shower: 7/7
    write it down: 6/7
    outerwear: 5/7

  3. 1. Make Your Bed 0/7
    2. Empty the Sink 6/7
    3. Clear the Clutter 7/7
    4. Sweep the Kitchen Floor 2/7
    5. Sort the Mail 7/7
    6. Spray Your Shower 5/7
    7. Write It Down 0/7
    8. Organize Your Outerwear 0/7

  4. 1. Make Your Bed 4/7
    2. Empty the Sink 6/7
    3. Clear the Clutter 4/7
    4. Sweep the Kitchen Floor 7/7 (+ more since I have a toddler!)
    5. Sort the Mail 7/7
    6. Spray Your Shower 1/7 (just did the once weekly clean - need to find that daily spray!)
    7. Write It Down 2/7
    8. Organize Your Outerwear 0/7

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