Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy House Cleaning Challenge: Week 3

Week 3 is here! Are you still with me? Aw c'mon, you haven't left me already have you? Don't worry if you haven't been perfect so far. It's never to late to start and join in the fun. The whole purpose is to just be mindful of these tasks, which will eventually become second nature! I'm just here to guide and motivate.

So, how did week 2 go? Is your bed made? (I'll look away for a couple minutes if you need to run to your bedroom real uh...grab something you need er whatever) How about the sink? Was it empty every night before bed? I can say for myself, I was 7 for 7 on both accounts! Woo hoo!

So are you ready for Week 3? I think I heard a yes. I'll move on then.

WEEK 3: Clear the Clutter!

Where are you sitting right now? In the office? In your living room? I know I personally spend my evenings in our family room. It's where our TV is, it's where our very worn in, comfortable hand-me-down furniture is, it's where we live...or family? Whatever. Anyway. Wherever it is you spend your evenings relaxing, take a look around. Is it spotless, completely organized and clean? I'm going to guess no. Mine isn't. Again, it's where I spend the majority of my relaxing time. I have magazines, a beverage or two, blankets, and any other rif raf I've been toting with me for the day. But, I do make a valiant effort to leave it tidy before I go to bed. Of course the dishes are already being handled.

I realize that clearing all the clutter might result in more than a 5 minute task for some, but let's try this. If you are thinking- yeah right, not going to happen, just focus on spending 5 minutes each night decluttering that space until everything has a "home." Within a couple nights, you should hopefully only have to put away the things you got out that day. For me it's usually a blanket, my camera, my laptop, a glass, a magazine and the remote. Of course there is occassionally more than that, but that's a typical evening for me. All of those things have a "home" and at night before I go to bed, that is where they sleep.

So, your task in a nut shell. Before you go to bed, clear out your main living space area, just ONE room! If it's an overwhelming task, start with 5 minutes a night until you are looking at a wonderfully organized space and everything in it's "home" spot. You'll wake up to a sleek living space just waiting for your arrival that evening after a long day!

Let's Recap:
1. Make Your Bed!
2. Empty the Sink!
3. Clear the Clutter

Post in the comments how many days you made your bed & emptied your sink this week. We'll keep checking in each Wednesday to see how you are doing. Hint Hint- posting your weekly matter how good you did....might benefit you at the end of the challenge. Might even benefit you half way through...just saying.


  1. I recently stumbled upon your blog and I'm loving it! Definitely motivating! I came to the Challenge a bit late, but here are my totals for last week.

    Make my bed: 5/7 (in my defense I was sick a couple of days so I was in and out of bed a lot--yeah, I know...excuses, excuses)

    Dishes: 7/7!!

  2. I was actually 7/7 for bed making and clean sink this week!!!
    And again....I love your blog! This challenge is definitely helping me get my home in order!

  3. I kept up with the dishes and the bed this week, yay! This clutter thing you are really challenging me. :)

  4. athinglikethat- it's only one room! come on- you can do it!!

  5. woohoo 7/7 on both! Thanks for the challenges. I have been following, but haven't posted before.

  6. Making the bed just doesn't really happen in my house - I'm at work by 7, and DH is usually still in the bed when I leave. I really need to work on him! So we were 2/7 (weekend!) on the bed, but 7/7 on the dishes!

  7. i wasn't so hot at making the bet this week..but emptying the sink? piece of cake! 7/7 on that chore! :c) i am excited for the decluttering of our family room. i am usually pretty good at that to begin if only i could make our damn bed, lol!

  8. I was 5/7 on the bed and 6/7 on the dishes. A few slip ups here and there - but overall a great week!

    Thanks for all your tips!

  9. 7/7 for the bed this week! 6/7 for the dishes, but it wasn't my fault! I had already gone to bed and my husband decided to eat a late night snack and didn't wash his plate :(

    I hate clutter, so this is going to be an easy one! :)

  10. 7/7 on all accounts... and the new daily items have motivated me to expand into other areas. we've upped the standard for clean in the apt. its so nice to come home to a neat and clean home!

  11. Week 2 was bad. I made my bed most every day but clearing the sink didn't happen too often. My husband has a habit of starting the dishwasher at night so by the time we go to bed its still running. I'm getting him to break the habit :)

  12. 7/7 for the bed, and 6/7 for the sink. It could've been 7/7 too, but I went to bed before the hubby that night!

  13. I was 5/7 for making the bed and 6/7 for clearing the sink...I will do better this week...hopefully :-)

  14. Every evening the sink was cleaned out. I missed yesterday with the bed because we had such a crazy day! Right now I am waiting for my husband to get up so that I can change the sheets and then make the bed.

    Therefore, my stats are:
    Sink = 7/7
    Bed = 6/7

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