Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy House Process: The Mail

One task that can be a real issue for some is the mail. We are both pretty good about going through it right when we bring it in, but that's in part to do with our process. We have a system for any piece of mail that comes in the house. And even if the individual mail is not handled immediately, it is put in the correct location be it the fridge, the desk or the recycling bin. Here is how we handle our mail:

1. Mail comes in the house.

2. Sort out the junk immediately- recyclable portion goes right in the bin- the rest is shredded and throw in the garbage. This is done as soon as I bring the mail in!

3. Bills: opened, and placed on desk for when I pay bills. Once they are paid, they get filed.

4. Statements: I either file immediately or put in my graduated file holder in the “to file” section

5. Thanks yous: read and throw away

6. Invitations: on the fridge- RSVP as soon as we decide. No- it gets thrown away after sending a gift. Yes, stays on the fridge until after the event

7. Reward cards, gift cards, checks, etc.: front portion of graduated file holder to take to the bank or for when we go shopping

8. Ads, coupons, newspaper: I set aside to look at, at my earliest convenience. Usually that evening. I’ll flip through the ads to see if my normal products are on sale and make a note of it on my grocery list. We only get a free local newspaper- so I don’t really read it. I’ll save it for Carl though, then it goes in recycling. Coupons get clipped and filed in my coupon organizer.

9. Greeting cards: go on fridge or mantle for a week or so, then filed or thrown away

10. Magazines: if I want to look at it that evening, it will go on my side table in the family room, otherwise, it goes in our magazine holder as I typically read magazines on Saturday mornings. Once I have read through it, it can go back in the holder.

That's about all we get in the mail. The key is just to handle it right away, rather than letting it pile up! Do you receive anything else in the mail that is causing a problem?

*Don't think I forgot it's Cleaning Challenge Wednesday. Did you think you were off the hook today? Stop back later for your added challenge!


  1. thanks molly! mail is a serious issue at our abode- especially now that we are combining more things like bank accounts and whatnot. this is a nice guide to getting on the same page...

  2. Mail is a serious issue at our, mostly FMIL and Big Mans tho.


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