Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: Front Door Closet

Oh the front door closet. In the winter it is likely the first thing your guests will see. And here in the Great White North, it's the first spot seen in the Winter, Fall....and Spring. So it is a main priority of mine to keep it in tip top shape! Although, in this lovely summer season, it gets neglected just a bit. But what better time than a Tuesday night to get back on track!

Our closet goes like this:

Top Shelf: Board games and Cards (cards & small games are kept in the small tote in the top left)

Hanging: Our most frequently worn coats and a handful of extra, heavy duty hangers. I like to have an assortment of colors for when guests come over...all in black coats. Makes it a touch easier to find their look-a-like jacket.

Floor: 2 Baskets- His & Hers. Our frequently worn shoes go in these baskets. Of course we each need our own. Now, I don't ask my guests to take there shoes off, rather I just leave it up to them, but if you do, you could keep an empty basket or rack in there for people to place there shoes.

That's it! No random goodies in here. Keeping it simple helps to keep it clean. But of course it's going to get the normal dust, leaves, fur, etc. So tonight I took everything out, re-evaluated what was actually in there. Some shoes got the boot (no pun intended...ok, maybe it was intended. So what. Who doesn't like a good pun once in awhile?) and I ditched a couple games. They can go in the giveaway pile. Then everything...which again...isn't a lot, went back in. Oh can't you just feel the simple freshness? Love it.

How is your front closet looking? Don't have one? How do you keep guests welcomed and organized? Perhaps you have a coat tree, or simply an entryway table. Either way- tidy it up! That cool coat weather will be here in no time!


  1. I finally got my room straightened up and I feel alot better.

  2. Don't you just love baskets?! I think they make everything look organized =)


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