Sunday, August 23, 2009

Monday Morning Weekend Roundup

You know the drill: green- planned for it and got done, red- planned for it and didn't get done, and blue- didn't plan for it and got done!


  • Nephew's Birthday Party
  • Pack our overnight bags and head to the in-law's
  • I ended up cleaning my sister-in-law's kitchen for her as the party was dwindling down. She is pregnant and exhausted and I knew it would be a huge help to her!

  • He started patching the holes around the windows from blind removal and installation, so he will finish patching, priming and painting those areas

  • Organize Linen Closet
  • Organize empty guest room in preparation for painting

  • Finish prepping the empty guest room- and possibly start painting (We were thiiiiiis close to starting it, but decided to just relax and enjoy our afternoon before Carl had to leave- he has a short week, so we will do it in a few days)

  • Plan our first annual Fall Run & Fun Food party(This is half and half, I got it started but not finished)
  • Leave for work trip :(
So, I posted Carl's efforts yesterday, but I'll show off my little one today. Our hall linen closet is not completely needed right now, but when we have kids, I'm sure it will get plenty of use. For now, we use it for storage of blankets, extra towels and then medicine, nail supplies, etc. But it needed some organization. I took some time, bought some cute little baskets (on clearance at Target) and made it much more useful. Now we also have space for our overnight bags to sit on the bottom shelf. (BTW- Target has most of their decor items on clearance right now, you should really check it out...)

I hope you had a productive and relaxing weekend. And here's hoping your Monday goes by super fast!

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  1. I planned to get alot of things done but I wa I will be doing them on my days off!


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