Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our Dining Room/Living Room

So it took us nearly a year, but we have finally furnished our living/dining room! We still have just a little more to do...but window treatments are going to have to wait until the next bonus :). We searched long and hard to find the perfect dining room furniture and this suits us just right! After our patience was completely blown with all the troubles we had with it, we opted to just go to Sam's Club for our Living Room furniture. We are very thankful that they had EXACTLY what we wanted! I'm very happy with our results and will feel completely satisfied once the windows are done!

Things done to this room:
*Ripped out carpet
*Laid and finished hardwood floors (H and I installed them!!!)
*Painted the walls and ceiling: Paint is from Ace, Color is Sierra Madre
*New windows (installed by H and FIL!)
*New lighting fixture in the dining room
*Bought dining room furniture- Table with 8 chairs, hutch and sideboard
*Hung wine racks from Ikea (I actually hate's never a productive trip)
*Table runners from Home Goods
*Bought living room furniture- couch, two chairs and ottoman from Sam's
*Bought end tables, lamps, pillows, rug and frames from Target (I heart Target)
*Re-purposed shelf that was previously in our bedroom (from Target)
*Installed programmable flat thermostat...much better than the original!

Things left to do:
*As soon as the weather breaks and we can work in the garage- put up the floor trim
*Complete the window treatments- we aren't happy with the ones in the dining room
*Hopefully put up crown molding to give it a finished look!

BEFORE (with previous owners items):



  1. I love it!! It's so inviting and modern at the same time! Great job!!

  2. LOOKS GREAT! I love the dark wood.

  3. Wow, I love the paint color and the whole overall feeling of your living room/dining room. Very welcoming and stylish!

  4. Really like your living room leather furniture- where did you get it?? Ours needs to hit the curb!

  5. Is this it??


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