Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Remodeled Guest Room Part 1?

Alright, so it's really not done yet, but the big tasks are completed. I spent the majority of my Saturday looking for the little finishing touches and something to put on the walls of the guest room and came up pretty much empty handed. Part II will post once it's truly done with all the fun stuff. My search continues- and I'd love suggestions!!

The inspiration for the room was a vision I had in my head. All very crisp, clean, white and blue. I lucked out when I found a white duvet set with a navy stripe on clearance. Perfect.

So what have we done so far?
-Removed the sticker glow-in-the-dark stars
-Patched some portions of the walls
-Painted the ceiling and the inside of the closet bright white
-Painted the walls with Ace Paint: Flat Snow Drop- it is a very, very pale blue
-Changed the hinges and door knob to brushed nickel
-Changed the knobs on the closet doors to brushed nickel
-Swapped out the brass light fixture for a white and brushed nickel fan
-Rehung the drape rod a little lower
-Bought new navy drapes to go with the bedding we already had
-We had installed new windows in the front of the house when we moved in- so it's new...just not brand new

What we still need to do:
-Paint the trim...eventually
-Buy a new bedside lamp
-I'm in search of a great chair to put next to the window- I would love a navy and white chair....
-Decide what to put on the walls

From the entrance of the room

See these bare walls? They need some love! Oh, and hi Gibson. :)

Yay! No more brass doorknobs or hinges!

A shot of the closet once it was painted white, but still before the walls were painted. Soooo much better!

And we've already had a guest...haha

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