Monday, March 2, 2009

Updating Guest Accommodations: Sneak Peek

We are getting close to the one year mark of having our house, and we haven't touched our guest room. Other than putting some furniture in there, it's been rather neglected. The room was pretty bad when we moved in with banged up walls, old paint, a drab creamy yellow closet and lovely sticker stars on the ceiling. I've always had a vision of a clean, fresh guest room in all white, navy and light blue. Carl had the itch to start working on it yesterday, so he did. I'm showing you the before pics now...but you have to wait until next weekend to see the finished product. (I'm not being mean...we just ran out of time! haha)

The sticker stars came down with little effort. Of course part of the ceiling came down too. Thankfully I have an extremely handy husband who just patched it right up in a jiffy!

I know you are jealous of that lovely brass light fixture. If you are lucky, I'll post it on ebay and you *might* stand a chance at winning it.

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