Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Roll It Up!

As I continue on with my more organized, clean, uncluttered way of living, I've realized I'm not so good at coming up with my own ideas. Rather, I am loving grabbing up the tips from many others! Many people have recommended rolling up things like t-shirts and tank tops to save space in drawers, not to mention you can see everything much easier. Our closet isn't huge, so we use the plastic drawers to hold some things that aren't on hangers. One day I will have this awesome California Closet inspired work of art, but for now, I'm dealing with what I've got. Anyway, I went ahead and rolled em up! My layering camis and t-shirts are now much more accessible and I can fit more in each drawer. The key is to determine how long you can make them (as tall as the drawer) so they are as skinny as possible, allowing you to fit the maximum amount.

Well after that, I was cramming my kitchen towels into their drawer. It overflows, doesn't shut, it's really a pain. Hmmmm...maybe my new rolling process could work here. The drawer is rather shallow, so upright rolls wouldn't work, but layering them just might.

By rolling them to the width of the drawer, it ended up using all available space. Now the drawer fits, even with all the towels in there! I can stack them double high, so while I can't see all them at once, it's not really an issue with these. Try not to be jealous of my wonderfully fun towels. :)

I've had all the drawers like this for a few weeks so far and it's great. The only downside is it does take a little longer to roll things as opposed to folding them, but we are talking seconds here, so it's not really an issue.

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  1. oh my goodness I stumbled upon your blog and this post a week or so ago and I rushed home and did the same thing to all of my drawers as well!! I think I love you haha. I have tons more space now and everything looks so much neater and it is much easier to find what I need. THANK YOU :)


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