Monday, May 18, 2009

Challenge Yourself!

Tonight Carl is working on the 2 story foyer, up top some very sketchy scaffolding. See?

And while I would love to help him, there wasn't really much I could do other than assist when he yelled for me. But I would have felt reeeeeally horrible if I wasn't doing anything productive. So I decided to challenge myself tonight. We are having friends and family over on Sunday, so I wanted to get a jump start on the weekly cleaning.

Tonight, I really tackled the kitchen. I scrubbed down the exteriors of the cupboards and appliances, and moved everything off the counters and deep cleaned those along with the ledges. Last, I wet swiffered the floors and ta daaaaaaaa! Clean kitchen. Oh and Gibson likes to run on clean floors- ugh.

The foyer is Carl was still working. So I continued on with laundry and dusting the living, dining and family rooms. Now I don't feel guilty for sitting down and watching tv...even though he's still working :( Stay tuned for the updated pics later this week.

So what are you still doing here? Go challenge yourself! Organize a drawer, clean the front of your fridge...whatever makes you feel good!

Oh and if you are interested in a weekly challenge cleaning check in, post a comment! I'm happy to give you a little push because I know it will push me too! Ok, really, now you can go :)

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  1. new to your blog, but I love the idea of a challenge every week. I just finished cleaning up my disastrous apartment it feels so good. I'd love to have motivation every week. I'm trying to stick to a cleaning schedule too.


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