Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

Tuesday snuck up on me for sure! And I almost didn't do my Tackle it Tuesday, but then my record would be 1 for 2, and I'm just not a 50% kind of gal. So, I sat in the family room thinking of what I could tackle, and it didn't take me long. While running around getting ready for Mother's Day, there was one place that had become a catch all, our closet. We are normally very good about our closet, but we had just run out of time! Our room looked lovely, but that's because we shoved a ton of stuff in our closet that we didn't have time to deal with at the moment. You don't believe me? Here, you can see for yourself (yes, I am embarrassed to show this, but I feel it's necessary to get the full effect):

So 40 minutes of folding, hanging and sorting later, the after!

It felt so good this morning to know that the closet was organized. It's been giving me headaches trying to find something to wear, but not today! I like to keep my shirts organized by length and then color. My pants are arranged by color. Down below on the right-side are my suits, lounge pants and skirts. I've tried to keep Carl's stuff organized...but he's colorblind, so I give up. So long as it's on a hanger or folded, I don't care.

Now go tackle something!

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  1. Looks awesome! I love me an organized closet. :)


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