Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Weekend of Family & Decor

So my nieces were quick to pick pedicures as the activity last Friday. It was their first professional pedicure, and they loved it! We decided to grab some food while out instead of making dinner so we'd have time to watch the Stanley Cup Playoff game (insert sad face here), but we DID make S'mores Cookies! Yum.

Of course the girls wanted fancy toes, and the toughest decision was between electric purple or lime green polish. They were practically appalled at the neutral shade I chose...I think that means I'm getting old.

On Sunday, Carl and I decided to work on some house decor. We made a trip to the dreaded Ikea, which I am slowly taking a liking to. Still not sold on the place, but if you go for something specific, I've found myself leaving there pleased. The majority of the stuff we bought was for the living room....but I'm still not done yet, so that has to wait. But- to satisfy that decor sweet tooth of yours, I'll show you our half bath. I knew it wasn't complete, it just needed a little touch. These three vases and flowers (at a whopping total of $10 for everything) hit the spot. How adorable?

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