Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Morning Weekend Roundup

We had yet another ambitious weekend, and especially so since we haven't been home the last two. For Carl's birthday, I got him a nail gun set, so since he didn't have to borrow his dad's anymore, he wanted to get the shoe molding up in the living/dining room and office. I had tastier projects in mind, making my nephew's birthday cake. I had our weekend set up, and we actually followed it exactly!

Carl: start on the shoe molding in the living/dining/office areas
Molly: Bake the cake for my nephew's birthday so it is ready to frost on Saturday
Both: Get nephew's birthday present

Carl: Paint all the trim and work on the molding
Molly: frost the cake
Both: attend nephew's birthday party

Carl: Finish the molding
Molly: Clean the walls after molding installation and make dessert
Both: Dinner at the in-law's

I've always made my nephew/godson's cakes (I'm waiting for my sister to email me all the other pictures), but I've never actually used tips to frost them. I've always just sort of smooth frosted them. I decided to try it the true Wilton style. Keep in mind, I've had no training, and many times throughout the process I wanted to give up. His party theme was pirates, and for my first cake like this, I'd say it turned out pretty good!

I'll put some detailed instructions and tips in the food blog later.

So while I was doing that, I was listening to a lot of opening and closing doors and yells from the other room where Carl was doing the molding. He's so handy!

And then lastly, we went to Carl's parents house for dinner, so we offered to bring dessert. We=Me. My absolute favorite pie is Strawberry Rhubarb, and it's in my top 3 of favorite desserts overall. But I had never tried to make one myself! It was a weekend of baking firsts for me! But of course I wanted to up the difficult factor, so I did a lattice top. Again, I'm pleased with the work and am looking forward to perfecting it in the future!

After that was done, I scrubbed down the walls, Carl put the furniture back, and I wet swiffered the floors. A productive weekend for sure!!!

I hope your weekend was productive too!!!


  1. Cute cake! What color are your walls in the dining room?

  2. Love the cake!

    Check out my blog...I tagged you!


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