Sunday, August 9, 2009

Be an Elephant!

No, I don't want you to gain a few thousand pounds, I want you to have a better memory! I used to be just awful at remembering things in the morning before I left for work, but with a few simple steps, I've become more elephant-like. :) You know...the good memory part. It's all about routines and organization.

Here are some of the things I commonly would forget and how I fixed the problem.

Sunglasses: My sunglasses case now only lives in my purse- it never comes out. I never leave the house without a purse, and I instantly put the sunglasses back in their case as soon as I walk in the door. I just think of their permanent "home" as their case, and the case lives in the purse. It also prevents me from losing them. Most of the time when we lose something, it is because it doesn't have a "home." Give those easily lost items their own space, and losing them will become a thing of the past!

My Work ID Badge: I need this every day at work. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the job, I found myself getting to work without it often! Now, as I am walking to my car after work, I just put the badge right in my purse. Again...the "home" for the badge is my purse.

Coffee Mug
: At my previous job, I would occasionally forget my travel coffee mug at home in the morning or leave it at the office at the end of the day. Now, I don't even pour myself a regular mug of coffee in the morning- it just immediately goes in my travel mug. Since I've already been drinking out of it in the morning, it helps me remember it. As for bringing it home, I now bring it home at lunch time. I have a routine of locking my computer and then grabbing my mug and purse. It's all about creating the routine for me. If you don't go home, just take it and put it in your car at lunch. At least it will go home with you!

Lunch: Now, I don't bring a lunch to work, because I go home every day, but I do bring something small for breakfast, be it a banana or a granola bar. Put your lunch bag on the counter before you go to bed. You can pack the non-refrigerated items at night, but in the morning the bag on the counter will jog your memory to grab your refrigerated items and take your lunch to work!

Cell Phone: (I saved my favorite for last) I feel completely lost without it, as most people do these days, and this one has dual purpose. It will also keep you on time! Set your alarm on your phone for the time you should leave each day. Just set it as a daily alarm. Not only will it tell you "hey it's time to leave the house," but it will also remind you to grab your phone!

Is there something else you find yourself forgetting and need a helpful hint to remember it? Post it in the comments and I'll rack my brain for you!

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