Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekend Planning

Wow, this is going to be my first "normal" weekend in quite some time! I actually am at a computer on a Friday and can do a planning post. I've found it helps keep me in check, especially because I will ask Carl what he plans to get done on the weekend as well. It gives a moment to think about how we really want to spend our time.

Luckily for me, Carl has been home all week. (Yay for a cancellation at work!) So he's actually been tackling all sorts of projects around the house. I had posted the updated front door earlier this week, and Wednesday night he spent his time putting the much needed second coat of paint on the half bath on the 1st floor. We used a gray primer, and all looked well after the first coat, but time had shown it really needed another layer of that deep orangish red.


So while he was doing that, I was starting on our closet. We've been holding on to some clothes that really should have been given away quite some time ago, and so we promised ourselves, we would really clean it out, and only keep the items we would honestly wear. That has been a 2 day process so far, and I will continue on it this weekend. So...let's get to that.

Both: Sister's birthday party
Carl: Work on the patio steps

Clean hardwood floors
Finish the closet and undergarment drawers (including matching up all mismatched socks or getting rid of them!)
Organize all the clothes we are donating- take inventory for tax purposes
Clean up the garden- level dirt and weed (and pick some tomatoes!)
Clean my desk in the office and do some filing

Finish the patio steps
Finish installing the outdoor speakers

Possibly do some returns to Target & Ikea

So we'll see what all gets done this weekend. I'm honestly aiming to complete all those things!

What are you planning on getting done this lovely Saturday and Sunday?


  1. The bathroom is beauitful, I really love the color. Carl did an amazing job!


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