Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy House Cleaning Challenge: Week 4

Week 4 Week 4 Week 4 is HERE! Glad to see you're still following along and humoring me in this little challenge. How did the past week go for you? I have a teensy bit of bad news. I was 7 for 7 on the bed. 7 for 7 on the living area. But, shhh...I was 6 for 7 on the kitchen sink. It's my punishment for going to bed before the last guest left on Saturday. But of course it was my first task in the morning!

But my dear loyal cleaning challenge followers, this is going to be a tough challenge addition for me. My kitchen, as I've said before, is kept fairly clean at all times. However, the one task in there that really gets to me is sweeping the floor every day. So gosh darnit, we're adding it to the challenge.

Week 4: Sweep the Kitchen Floor

So there's not much to this one. For me, tonight, I started with a wet sweep, and so long as I don't have any cooking mishaps, a dry sweep for the rest of the week should suffice. You use what works for you, be it an old fashioned broom or my bff, the swiffer.

Of course don't forget to do the tasks from the first 3 weeks, let's recap:

1. Make Your Bed!
2. Empty the Sink!
3. Clear the Clutter
4. Sweep the Kitchen Floor

So go forth! Conquer! And don't forget to tell me how you did this last week! Should I wink or something? You are catching on, aren't you? Good luck this week!


  1. I was 7/7 for bed making. 7/7 for clean sink but like 5/7 for the living room. I fall asleep on the couch almost every night because DH is never tired at night, 2 nights I don't even remember going to bed!! Oops! But I did do it first thing in the morning!

  2. Bed: 7/7
    Dishes: 6/7
    Living Room: 6/7

  3. i am 6/7 for the clean sink, 7/7 for the living room, and i am not doing well at all on the bed making. :c( i honestly don't even know how many days i made the bed. i really need to get in the habit of doing this. i am ready for this week's challenge. i use an old fashion broom, but i am thinking of upgrading to a swiffer? thoughts?

  4. Allie- Absolutely! I find that I can usually get away with using the same dry swiffer pad all week- I just hang the handle in my pantry on our cleaning organizer. There are ALWAYS coupons for the starter kits as well. I'll be surprised if it costs you more than $9 for the handle and a few dry pads. Plus, you use the same handle for the wet pads. I love it!

  5. 5/7 on everything. being sick really zapped my emotional and physical motivation to do anything but eat soup.

    *the clutter was more difficult than i thought it would be- it was finding the RIGHT spot for the stuff and not just Another spot...great challenges!

  6. My record this week is not super great. I'm still 7/7 on making the bed. 5/7 on dishes and 3/7 on clutter-picking-up. When I got up Sunday morning though and had to spend 15 minutes cleaning up dishes and kitchen crap before I could start breakfast it was sort of re-motivating though!
    Adding in a kitchen floor sweep sounds great...our condo kitchen and living room are really one space so de-cluttering the living area and sweeping the kitchen will put me a long ways towards a tidy home.

  7. I'm horrible at sweeping so I know I will probably fail this task! :)

  8. Sweeping up the kitchen every night? Yikes! My kitchen needs it, but I barely manage once a week sometimes! Once again the bed making was terrible, but I think I was 6/7 on the sink and 6/7 on the living room.

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