Monday, September 14, 2009

I Feel So Exposed!

In my backyard that is. We had a real serious problem in our backyard. Unfortunately the previous owners didn't take care of the lawn- not the front or the back. Luckily enough, the front yard wasn't too difficult for us to handle. So we took care of that. But the back. Oh the back. Perhaps I will just stop typing, and post the pics.

While it provided a lot of privacy, it wasn't in a good way. It was like a weed's paradise back there. And seeing as we don't have tree removal equipment those two dead trees were posing a problem, not to mention the other tree that was completely invading my beautiful maple tree's space! As much as we hate to pay for work on our house, we'd much prefer to do it ourselves, this one was a job for the pros.

So the plan? Remove everything but the maple and the white fir on the right. That included 3 trees, 2 overgrown bushes, and lots of filler and weeds. Lay down all new mulch and new edging. Lastly, give me two new trees! We knew it was going to look bare, and we'd lose a lot of privacy, but we were more concerned about the long term situation. I am. But wow! What a difference! And it still looks beautiful!

So that's that. My backyard is all nekkid. But we'll plant some low plants shortly, and hopefully that'll give a little more coverage. Either way though, we did what's best for the backyard. It was dying a slow painful death, but we revived it! Grow babies grow!


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