Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Little More Fall, with a Touch of Halloween

Since tonight marks fall, officially, I thought I could do one more little fall decor post. Like I said, I don't have a TON of fall stuff, rather just a few touches to make the house a little festive.

Our coffee table in our family room houses one of my favorite sets. I've had it for years. I think it used to sit on top of my old boxey TV before I was even dating Carl! Now it has a perfectly, lovely home on the table. (No more boxey TV :) )

And then the mantle also gets a little dressing. I only have 3 things that are strictly for Halloween, two of them are up here. Then, same as the floating shelves, the red candles are out, and orange are in. The frames stay there, the black really lends to the Halloween spirit!

Alright, time to head back to work! I'll be back later to tackle something dirty ;)


  1. I LOVE your mantle. Perfect touches for Halloween!

  2. Those orange candles really pop against your living room paint color. I love it!

  3. Love the leaf candle holders...I always see them and never know what to do with them...thanks!


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