Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend Planning

Sigh, the weekend. Finally. School has started, which means my job is hectic. But the weekends are still all MINE...well and Carl's...and the house's. Anyway!


-Make delicious Mediterranean Chicken- I've been craving it since the first time I made it a few weeks ago
-Menu plan for next week

Perhaps a little shopping for some candles to make a Fall arrangement

-Paint the door going out to the garage ( paint?)
-Finish cleaning the last few cupboards that I haven't had time for lately!
-Grocery shop

-Work with potential new alarm system company
-Touch up paint around the garage and sliding glass door

-Go to a few stores to price shop plants, shrubs, etc. to put in our very naked backyard
-Get some mums for our porch!
-Take some nieces and nephews bowling

- Sleep in!
- Clean our cars (this REALLY needs to happen this weekend!) weather permitting

To get you in the Fall mood, here is a closeup of the arrangement I have on my table. I need a few more candles for my decor, including the appropriate color side pillars for this, but it definitely deserves a little spotlight.

Cost Breakdown:
Vase: Home Goods, $12.99
Leaf Filler: Hobby Lobby, 5 stems for $7.50
Berry Filler: Michaels, 2 stems for $2.00

Total Cost: $22.49

(I didn't include the side pillars as those are just normal centerpiece material for me)

I'm hoping to have a few more decor pics to share next week too! Have any fallish plans this weekend? Ok fine, what about just regular plans?


  1. Are you a teacher? Just curious.

  2. Oh heaven's no! Haha...inquisitive children make me nervous...I think they would stump me daily. I do however work in the school system, so while I work through the summer, the school months are much busier!


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