Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Mornings = Love

There aren't many things I look forward to more than a relaxing Saturday morning, and this one did not disappoint. We enjoyed coffee and a quick show that we hadn't seen last week that was waiting for us on our DVR, and then I spotted a great surprise on this blog. You can receive a year subscription of Better Homes and Gardens for only $4!

This was one of the magazines on my "want" list and has now moved to my "receiving" list. Woo hoo! How could I turn down $.33 an issue? Want it? Go here, and use the discount code 4168.

Tasks for the weekend so far:
Clean the master bath: check
Do some laundry: checking in process
Score unexpected magazine deal: check
Make adorable cookies:

Time to get back to work; clean the half bath and make a snack for later today. You may return to your regularly scheduled Saturday morning!


  1. Thanks for the coupon code for the magazine!! And yes, adorable cookies. :)


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