Thursday, October 1, 2009

Transformation Thursday: Cool Nights

I woke up the other night shivering, it was a frigid 32 degrees here last night, and there was frost on the ground this morning. It's time for a transformation. In the spring, I put away our heavy bedding and slim down to just a sheet and quilt. It's the perfect amount of cozy and cool for warm spring and summer nights.

But in Michigan, the fall and winter call for much more than that. So tonight, I dusted and vacuumed our bedroom (two of the items on my "Write It Down" list) and broke out our duvet and cover. They've been in storage all summer long, and were ready to make an appearance. The quilt stays on for extra warmth and versatility in case it's not cool enough to need the duvet. Oh man, I am anxious to crawl into bed tonight! I mean, who wouldn't like to cuddle up in this?

*Don't mind my wrinkles. It comes with being in storage. They'll be gone after a wash :)

Are you lucky enough to have a few more weeks of warm weather? Or are you joining me in heavy bedding as well? Ok, I'm off to finish my list! I still need to finish vacuuming and start some laundry.


  1. Oooh that does look cozy! We are still in the 50s at night here in Alabama, but our bedroom has french doors so that room isn't as insulated and gets colder than the rest of the house. I'll probably wash/put away my lighter throws and break out the heavier ones sometime this weekend.

  2. Georgia is finally starting to get a little chilly at night, but tomorrow is supposed to warm up. But, I <3 cool weather so much!

  3. It's cold here in Illinois, too. I actually bribed hubby to turn on the heat for some cherry pie. I fight dirty.

    I'll have to pull out my winter stuff soon, but I haven't taken the time.

    Your room is fab. Love it.

  4. Ohio is chilly too! We finally kicked on the gas fireplace tonight... that last hold out to tide us over before flipping on the heat. Sigh. Where did summer go!??

  5. So happy to have found your blog! Love seeing what other people do and getting ideas and tips. I live in SE Michigan too so I hear ya on the cold weather!

  6. Not's been 87-90's during the day here in Florida and only goes down to about 60 or so at night.

  7. I live in Canada, so I had to break out the wool blanket and duvet a few weeks ago. I love curling up under a warm duvet for the first time in the fall.


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