Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Entertaining Little Tips & Tricks

I wanted to share just a few little tips and tricks that I've thought of along the way. They aren't necessarily deserving of their own posts, but definitely deserve an honorable mention.

* When planning for your event, decide on what day you are going to go grocery shopping. Then, grab out your calendar, and the day before you are going to go, write "Clean out fridge!" You will definitely appreciate getting old leftovers out of the way for your prized bird!

*Remember that your guests will notice little details, and sometimes the smallest effort makes the biggest impression! This one doesn't apply all the time, but definitely when you are talking about Thanksgiving- take home boxes. I just purchased a big ol package of them at Sams so my guests can pack up all sorts of leftovers to have later. (I'll be sharing with our moms to help them get through the holiday season too!)

*If you will be having alcohol at your party, a great way to wind down the night is with something non-alcoholic but festive. Hot chocolate or spiced cider are great seasonal ideas for this time of year. I've made up little packets ready to go! My kettle will be on with piping hot water along with mugs and take home cups. Guests are of course invited to stay as long as they like, but a safe ride home is most important!

* This was inspired by a question I received. When contemplating how to get all your cooking done (especially if you are like me and only have one oven), there are a few ideas that will help. A handful of items can be made a day ahead, including pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are also kept perfectly warm in a slow cooker on low! Then, for the items that must be made on the day of, keep in mind, your turkey will stay warm for about an hour after coming out of the oven. Just cover it with some aluminum foil. Other items can be cooked during that time, and they'll be ready just in time for dinner!

The Apple Cranberry Sauce is chilling and the Ginger Pumpkin Tart is filling the house with fall smells. I can't wait to pull it all together tomorrow. Hopefully I'm calm enough to remember to take lots of pictures. Thanks for sticking out the first week of the Holiday Challenge with me! I hope you stick around for the next few weeks!

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  1. VERY helpful tips! Thank you for sharing!!

    I hope you're having a great weekend!



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