Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Table Set Up

I love watching a tablescape come together. There is just something about it that gets me really excited for the actual event.

When deciding what I wanted to do, there were a few things I had in mind. Since this is a family style dinner, I couldn't dress up the table too much, as we need room for the platters to pass. I'll have the sideboard cleared off so we can set a few of them back there, but we still need quite a bit of space. I didn't want to use the same centerpiece I've had up all fall, and I didn't want to spend much money, if anything at all. And then lastly, I wanted to keep it low. This group likes to chat, and I didn't want the decor to hinder the communication flow!

I used some glass hurricanes I had leftover from the wedding, as well as some candles I already had. You'll see the acorns and leaves I bought while we were up north. The only new materials were the ribbons, and even those were on clearance!

It's a simple set up, but the few pieces I want to point out are that there are two or more of a few things. There are two carafes which will hold ice water, four small white leaf plates for butter pats and two square cranberry colored bowls for what else...cranberry sauce. Since those items are passed quite often, I wanted to have them on both ends of the table.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out! Ok Saturday, I'm ready, bring it on! Are you entertaining this Thanksgiving? Is your table ready to least in your mind??


  1. It looks beautiful! I love the hurricanes and holy cow! I wish I had that many place settings. :) Updating my letter to Santa right now! lol

    You did a fantastic job! We're not having Thanksgiving here but I did do a centerpiece since I have my new table! ;)


  2. Looks beautiful, Molly! LOVE it! Martha Stewart, watch out!

  3. Looks great, Molly! What a beautiful table! I can't do my tablescape until tomorrow night because the kids use the table in the morning and after school for breakfast and homework. Where is your tablecloth and napkins from?

  4. It looks really nice. I love the hurricanes. You should totally hook up to our Dare to... entertain McLinky on Monday. You are such an awesome entertainer. =)

  5. Gia- Bed Bath and Beyond!

    Kim- I totally will!

  6. Looks GREAT! :) I just went and got some last minute stuff for my Thanksgiving table set up. I hope to post pics this weekend :)

  7. It really looks nice. You did a great job.

  8. Even though it's simple -- it's very pretty! Enjoy!


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