Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year's Eve Party Planning

I'm writing to you from my couch...the place I haven't left in two days. Ugh. So I'm watching my house get progressively messier, but I can't complain. Carl is taking care of me quite well! But at least there is one thing my planner brain can do from the couch- menu plan for our NYE Party.

Last year, we didn't host, so instead we had 8 of our friends over for a roast dinner before heading to the party. This time around, we are the hosts. We've invited a good handful of our friends over to ring in the New Year. Since the focus is on spending time with one another, I wanted to keep the menu REALLY easy. Little prep- and very little work during the party.

Cider & Captain Morgan
Champagne Toast at Midnight

Mini Tacos served with salsa and sour cream
Mini Egg Rolls served with sweet and sour sauce
Chili Cheese Chip Dip

Now back to my unfortunate resting. Here's hoping that I
Because we still need to finish cleaning the basement, set up all the tables and clean the kitchen, half bath and living/dining/family rooms! Yipes!


  1. So I stumbled onto your site a little while ago and just want to tell you that I think it's great!

    I really like your New Year's Eve menu and I look forward to seeing how you get ready for your party. (if you are feeling better that is) I will be doing the same this week!

  2. Stephanie- Thanks! I promise once I'm back up and moving the blog will get back to normal. :)


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