Thursday, December 17, 2009

Planning for the Cookie Bake, Decorate & Take

Tonight I finally had some time to sit down and plan my upcoming Cookie Bake, Decorate & Take Party. I knew going into it that this event would be fairly simple, at least to plan. You see, I have some of the easiest guests attending: kids. We have 10 nieces and nephews on my side of the family, and I knew they would be the perfect guests for a cookie party. I could keep the lunch menu simple and just focus on making one crazy mess! But I knew I couldn't handle 10 kids alone, and, well, I didn't want to bug Carl to help, so I invited the moms (my sisters), my mom and my brother's girlfriend. Sounded like a fun filled day with the ladies and kiddos! That is until the guys got word that there was a party ensuing. And about 10 emails later, all the guys wanted in too. So, my party with the kids turned into a party with the kids, moms, dads, uncles, catching my drift?

However, lucky for me, my family is a simple bunch. If you provide a gathering spot and some sort of food, they will attend...and usually not leave until someone falls asleep. So, my menu is staying simple as the main focus is on the cookies.

Assorted Deli Meats & Cheeses Tray
Full Spread of Condiments to Make Sandwich Rolls
Assorted Bread
Macaroni & Cheese Bites
Betty Salad (Romaine Lettuce, Bacon, Hard Boiled Egg, Cheese & Sweet Red Dressing)

Classic Sugar Cookies with Icing (and sprinkles of course!)
Walnut Chews
Peanut Butter Kisses
Jolly Jellies
Classic Spritz Cookies

That should keep us busy for awhile!

So my to do list? Well, there is a lot to get done before next Tuesday, and unexpectedly I have a REALLY busy next few days. So I have to squeeze this in around a whole bunch of stuff...stay tuned tomorrow to see how I'm going to try to break it down and get it done!

*Make my grocery list & shop
*Clean the house
*Set up the cookie stations
*Set up the deli tray
*Make macaroni & cheese bites
*Make salad
*Make sugar cookie dough (I want this done ahead of time)
*Organize and print cookie recipes and baking timeline

And tomorrow's already Friday? EEEK!

Do you have a party in the works? Tell me about it! I'd love to hear your ideas! I can't wait to share the details and results with you all!


  1. I would love to see your recipe for the mac & cheese bites!

  2. We are celebrating Christmas on Sunday with my family and it COMPLETELY snuck up on me! I am so behind!


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