Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday Morning Weekend Round Up

Wow, this "weekend" all went really fast!


  • Make Jalapeno Chicken & Rice Pilaf for dinne
  • Make my grocery list for the week
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Create the layout for the cookie party
  • Clean the entire first floor of the house
  • Clean the cars (one got done)
  • Attend Carl's extended Christmas party
Sunday: I'll be busy all afternoon/evening (this is the unexpected thing I was talking about)
  • Perhaps wrap presents in the morning

Monday: Busy during the day again (ergh)
  • Layout all the tables, table cloths, etc. for the cookie stations
  • Make Betty Salad dressing, boil eggs, arrange in dishes, cover and refrigerate
  • Make Sugar Cookie Dough
  • Touch up the house- wipe down 1/2 bath, sweep and vacuum
  • Make macaroni and cheese bites
  • Organize sandwich fixings
  • Set out all the cookie accessories- cutters, sprinkles, etc.
  • Prepare for the madness that is about to commence!
I'll give the party details in the next post. As I stated, I've had some unexpected things I've had to deal with, all good things, but time consuming things nonetheless. While I'm adjusting to them, my posting *might* be a little more scarce, but I promise I'm still around. And I'll try to keep up with my posts! Just try not to be upset with me if they aren't my standard 5-7 a week.

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend and that you are already enjoying your holidays or getting ready to enjoy!


  1. Very interested to hear about the party and how all the kids were!


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