Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Eve Recap

Hey there 2010! I've been looking forward to you. :) Our party went off great. I got to use some of my new fun entertaining tools which is always a bonus for me! How'd it go?

Since I was sick pretty much up until NYE, I really had to rely a lot on Carl and my energy overdrive on the day of the party. He went grocery shopping a few days beforehand, so that was all set. As for cleaning, I spent a good portion of the day cleaning from top to bottom since we knew we'd have some overnight guests upstairs, food and ball drop watching on the main floor and card playing and mingling in the basement.

Enough text. I know ya'll like the photos best :) As per usual- I had everything set up before I showered. The chafing dishes were my Christmas presents from Carl. LOVE them!

Then everything was set out about 30 minutes before guests arrived.
And this was in full party mode!
We had champagne waiting for Midnight on ice.

And for planning...that was about it. Like I said, I wanted to keep this one easy since the focus was on spending time with friends...not to mention that whole being sick for a week thing. How did YOUR NYE go? Hopefully you rang in the New Year in a great way!


  1. You are such a great hostess...I'm glad everything went smoothly! :)

  2. Everything looks great!

    Can I make one comment though, as it's driving me bonkers...I'm new to your blog so have spent a few days reading your recaps. I am also an organizational nut so I love your blog (I love getting new organizational tips and seeing what other people do!) However, I will say, the thing that drives me bonkers is when you show photos of your parties and the table settings...if they involve a tablecloth, your cloth is always wrinked or I can see the fold marks on them. It just makes it look so unfinished IMO. :) One trick I've used (got it from Martha Stewart) if I don't feel like ironing is using a spray bottle with water to wet the table cloth down when you have a little time. The weight of the table cloth wet will help to work out the fold marks. Also you could wet it down and then toss it into the dryer for a few minutes and then let it air dry the rest of the way on the table. Will definitely help. Wrinkle releasers don't work on tight fold marks.

    Anyway, you don't have to take my advice but it's always like your table settings are 95% perfect with the last 5% needing to be done (the ironing of the table cloth.)

  3. Kate- thanks for the advice! I'm always open to new ideas and tips! However, the last few tablecloths I've used have been plastic- cookie party and NYE (drinking=messy), thus why they were wrinkly. If it is cloth- like at our Mock Thanksgiving- I am also super crazy about ironing them. You can even see the difference from my mock up of the table to the finished product as I ironed it after the mock up. Do you have suggestions on getting wrinkles out of plastic when you are having a super casual or messy party? I really rarely use them...but sometimes it's a necessity.

  4. Gotcha! Definitely understand now!

    I did a quick Google and for taking wrinkles/fold marks out of plastic tablecloths there are a few suggestions:

    1. Steam them using a steamer (make sure to use the cloth that comes with the steamer)

    2. Place in the dryer on the wrinkle release setting for a few minutes (make sure to include a towel in with the tablecloth to prevent it from balling up and creating more wrinkles)

    3. Hair Dryer: A few minutes blowing usually takes out most of the creases. If you are doing this with the tablecloth on the table, be very careful as it can damage the table and if you do it too long, the tablecloth will disintegrate. Alternatively use the ironing board as a backdrop to do this. Refold very carefully or place directly on the table.

    4. Ironing: Place a pillowcase or similar between iron and tablecloth. A hot iron will work (no steam as this will damage the plastic) if you hold it down for a few seconds. Keep trying to get the optimal time it will take. Do not put iron directly on plastic tablecloth, or it will disintegrate.


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