Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Power 20- Possible New Motivator?

Ok, all you out there in blog reader land. I'm always trying to think of ways to keep you (and myself for that matter) motivated. Today on my lunch I was doing my normal routine of taking care of the pup, eating and doing my quick tasks. As I was doing them, I realized just how much I was getting done in a small amount of time. So, it was born.

There are nights when I just really don't feel like doing anything. There are days when I am just too busy to get any substantial cleaning done. But I can almost always find 20 minutes to spare in an evening or during the day to take care of some small things. Many times they are part of my daily routine. But in an effort to motivate, I figured I could start posting when I do have a Power 20 and let you know what I did! Like it? Think it might give you an extra boost? ( might help pump up my lack of posting due to lack of time at the current moment)

Today's Power 20:
  • Sorted the mail
  • Organized new coupons and discarded those that expired in December
  • Washed coffee pot
  • Washed my coffee tumbler (it has to be hand washed- eye roll)
  • Washed spoon rest -why is it always so disgusting?
  • Stripped my bed and put the bedding in the wash- set the delay for 3 hours so it finishes right when I get home tonight
  • Wiped down the counters (messy after making lunch)

Not bad huh? I'll be starting our New Year Challenge in just a few rest up!


  1. I love this. Really. I know there are times I just don't feel like doing anything..but then those days where I am in power nesting mode I get a lot done. Plus your power 20 today actually reminded me I need to get a coupon book/binder thank you!!!

    P.S. I laughed about the true!!!

  2. I am really following you closely. I am striving to have a cleaner house this year.

  3. This is a great reminder. I am always surprised at how quickly things get done if I just get up and get moving! I'll have to try and remember to set the timer for 20 minutes sometime and just see how much I accomplish!

  4. I like that you actually wrote down what you were able to accomplish in 20 minutes. Sometimes I feel like I won't get anything done in such a short time, so why bother? But if I write it down to see what I actually did, it motivates me more!

  5. Thanks for the reminder. I had to laugh at the spoonrest, too. It is true! I always clean it and it still seems to get really dirty all the time!

  6. I am really motivated to start this year off right too! Looking forward to your new challenge!

  7. This is great! I'm new to your blog and I absolutely love it. It has already started to motivate me. I went back and read the posts from your challenge in the fall and I'm so excited for your New Years challenge!

  8. I am totally game for a new year's challenge. I need to get on top of the clutter around here! Thanks for all your helpful advice, looking forward to see what's next!


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