Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy House New Year Challenge.....

Testing? Testing. Testing. Tap Tap. Is this thing on? Where did everyone go? I'm out here in challenge world, and I'm feeling quite lonely. Was last week's challenge of the kitchen a bit daunting? Are you still stuck on the bathrooms? I can understand. It's a lot to take in at over a few weeks. And because of that, I'm giving you all a bonus week.

Week 4: Surprise! It's Catch Up Week!

Are you right on track? Great, take a breather and just maintain. Have you fallen off the Happy House Bandwagon? Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get caught up! You've got a whole week to make up in the areas that you haven't been able to reach yet. Next week, we'll pick back up with our check in on the living areas.

Oh and don't forget to enter the Happy House Blogaversary Giveaway while you are here!


  1. Whew. Thank you. The kitchen and the maintenance pulled me down. I honestly haven't started the living room yet. Thanks for the catch up week!

  2. yay my kitchen was being quite the pain and I haven't started the living room either I'm happy to have a week to catch up :)

  3. I'm still stuck in the bathrooms! Mostly because I am in project mode and working to pull up the linolimum? that they put down instead of contact paper in the vanity and find a cabinet or shelving for more storage...neither of which are working for me!


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