Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Little Change

I apologize in advance for this text heavy post, hopefully the picture heavy post earlier today will balance this out and you won't hate me :) I'll give you a bonus pic at the end though.

I've made a few changes today in the right side column. Since my schedule has changed quite a bit, I am changing my cleaning routine. I'm calling it the "Alternate Cleaning Schedule." This suits someone that prefers to do their cleaning on Saturdays or Sundays rather than throughout the week. I'm still leaving the daily cleaning guides a little further down so you can follow whichever you prefer.

I'll breakdown the Alternate Cleaning Schedule here though for more detail and reference. For starters, if you do the Daily 10 (plus, for me, watering plants and washing the coffee pot), the Saturday clean should take roughly an hour, of course depending on the size of your house. The only thing that will take longer is the laundry, obviously.

1. Start laundry- have it all sorted and ready to switch once the prior load is done (Note, the only part I don't sort yet is the bedding. I like to dust first so that any dust goes on the dirty bedding and gets washed rather than on the mattress or clean bedding)
2. Dust every room- that means take your dusting tools to each room and dust...don't get sidetracked by other tasks.

3. Remove bedding.
4. Spot clean appliances in kitchen

5. Vacuum all rugs and carpet
6. Swiffer/Sweep the floors

7. Squirt toilet bowl cleaner- then disinfect/clean ALL bathrooms at once, then go back and scrub all the toilets one after another.

8. Finish your laundry.

And then as a reminder, here are the Daily 10:
1. Make your bed
2. Empty the sink (dishes should either be in the dishwasher or cupboards)

3. Clear accumulated daily clutter (put away blankets, toys, books, paperwork)

4. Sweep the kitchen floor

5. Sort the mail

6. Use a daily spray on your shower

7. Write it down- give yourself goals for the next day

8. Put away your outerwear- coats, shoes, purse, etc.

9. Clean the counters- kitchen and bathroom

10. Enjoy the clean house!

If the Daily 10 seems intimidating to you, don't worry. I'll be starting that challenge again soon, and you can add each one a week at a time. It seems less daunting that way, I promise! But once you start doing it and see the rewards, you won't want to stop! Especially when you see how quickly you can get the tasks done.

Secondly, there is one other new section called "My Day." I'm hoping to keep this up to show that I don't spend all my free time cleaning. I'll give you the main things I did the day prior, including the evenings where I completely veg out and watch mind numbing TV. We'll see how it goes...

Are these good additions? Let me know!

For the bonus pic, since I am talking about my new work/life schedule here. Here is how I've been working more often than not. Not only does Gibson think he is really a lap dog, but he also sees no problem in sitting on my lap while I'm working. This pic was taken with my computer camera.


  1. Hi Gibson! My kitty Pumpkin likes to lay in my lap while I'm trying to work on my laptop. It makes working from home a little tricky...

  2. Our dog Ozzie also likes to get in the way while I am doing ANYTHING. And I am definitely a "clean on the weekends" girl, and your "alternate" list looks great. But, I have the perk of being able to delegate to our 11 and 13 year olds. It is important they learn the importance of a clean and organized house at an early age!

  3. Hi Molly, I just wrote up a cleaning schedule to trial this week as one of they ways I'm attempting to make my life more routine and it's pretty similar to your alternate as I don't clean by room. I also have a daily 9 which includes watering the plants on the porch and taking out the rubbish.
    I like the My Day! section - it proves you have the cleaning/life balance down pat :)
    Congrats on the successful dinner party, looked and sounded lovely!

  4. Tess- sounds great! Is your blog public? I'd love to add it to my reader!

  5. This is great. Thanks for sharing. I used to do the cleaning all myself, but I need Ryan to help me now. Having a list really makes it doable, and we already pretty much complete the daily 10 everyday, anyhow. An hour on the weekend is totally doable! =)

  6. Love the picture of Gibson. :)

  7. I don't actually have a blog Molly, just the account. One day maybe!


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