Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Morning Weekend Roundup

Boo to the weekend being over, but YAY for the sun sticking around! It's time to recap people. If you don't already weekend plan, I challenge you to try it! Writing down your goals for the weekend is great way to hold yourself accountable!

  • Finish laundry
  • Dust House (This was actually done on Saturday)
  • Vacuum House (Actually done on Saturday)
  • Straighten up and declutter
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Write out my grocery list
  • Play around with a tablescape (Got the whole table set minus the flowers and silverware)
  • Made dinner
  • Found a new candle for our sideboard candle holder- check out that springy green candle! Love the color!!

  • Grocery Shop
  • Last minute cleaning prep
  • Set table
  • Prep and cook food for dinner
  • Clean up afterward
  • Sleeeeeeep
  • Fit in a workout!
  • Finished clean up
  • Run some errands (Found a bathing suit at Target, my MOST dreaded shopping item to find!)
  • Maybe have the in-laws over for dinner-We only had two steaks left from Saturday....but I still had enough to repeat Saturday's dinner for the two of us.

It was a really productive and rewarding weekend! And one of the bonuses was that since I needed fresh flowers for dinner, I get to enjoy them all week long in the dining room!

So, how was YOUR weekend? Productive? Rewarding? Lazy? (You know I love a good lazy weekend once in awhile!) Have a great and sunny Monday!!


  1. i love your wine bottle holders on the wall! can you tell me where you found them? :) thanks!

  2. Elizabeth- Thanks and I sure can! Those are an Ikea find and I think they were $10-$12...can't remember the exact cost.

  3. how funny, that is exactly what I was going to ask you Molly! They are perfect! I think I may add your weekend planning to my friday routine.. weekends seem to have become the laziest of the all days of the week...


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