Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday

Confession: I like TV. I like TV a lot. I am not one of those people who is like oooooh I never watch TV. We have way too much going on to watch TV. Nope. I make time. But I'm a sucker. I get sucked in to TV. So my Tackle It Tuesday tonight was to commit to cleaning during commercials. Make your TV time useful! I'm going to try to make mine more than relaxing time...because I'll be honest, no one needs as much "relaxing TV time" as I get.

I needed to break this down to two rules. Hopefully you can use them for yourself.

1. If I'm watching DVR'd shows (i.e. no commercials), before I sit down, I must set the timer for 20 minutes and clean/organize. After I'm done watching TV, I have to set the timer again for 20 minutes and clean/organize. If there is no cleaning to do (HA!), a walk with Gibson can be subbed. (Although, I'm trying to get better about his walks anyway...he's thankful)

2. If I'm watching live TV, commercials must be productive. Clean, organize, get things ready for the next day, etc.

I'm hoping that my couch potato ways will become a little more valuable. :) Want to join me? Let me know!


  1. You have much more willpower than me :-)!

    Love your blog! Happy Almost Wednesday!

  2. I do that too! In fact, I almost hate watching recorded tv because I don't have my commercial breaks to get stuff done!


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