Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekend Planning

No you aren't hallucinating. It is the long lost Weekend Planning post! We have quite a bit to get done in the next few months around here, and what better to keep us on track than to bring back the planning posts. Plus, we have a lot going on this weekend, so it'll be good to get it all written down.

  • Finish cleaning the entryway
  • Go out to dinner for my brother's birthday
  • Register at Target- definitely need to get this done so the moms can order the shower invites :)
  • Get myself a Decaf, Non-Fat, Pumpkin Spice Latte for my hard work
  • Start getting organized for the 2nd Annual Cider Mill Crawl

  • Make a pumpkin pancake breakfast :)
  • Head out to Detroit Eastern Market for some fall goodies
  • Finish fall decorating with aforementioned goodies
  • Finish getting ready for the Cider Mill Crawl
  • *Hopefully Carl will be able to finish up the main "construction" in the nursery :)

  • Cider Mill Crawl!!!
  • Then I have to work, boo :(
  • Maintenance Clean and Clean up after the Cider Mill Crawl
Big plans for you this weekend? I'm just hoping I can fit all mine in!

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