Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Morning Weekend Roundup

  • Go try on/get my bridesmaid's dress for the wedding next weekend. Yeah, we aren't going to talk about this. Long story short, I went, but the seamstress hasn't even started it :S
  • Date night with Carl at my hometown pizza joint- This made crying over the above much better!

  • Maintenance clean the first floor
  • Clean the 1/2 bath
  • Get hors d'oerves ready for bachelorette party
  • Host bacherlorette party
  • Went and exchanged my small mums out since I am fairly certain they were not coming back any time soon and got some awesomely big pumpkins- I just need a few small ones and outdoor decor is done!

  • Clean up the after party mess
  • Go be Carl's cheerleader while he gives blood for the first time :)
On another note, I had my back log of posts for the baby blog, but I'm missing some and I have given up. I definitely don't have the memory to recreate them, and really I was only having one post per week, so I am merging. I'll probably do a once a week baby post on this blog, but I'll keep the other one for when Zombie Baby arrives. I'll move all those updates and whatnot to that blog. But for the time being, managing one blog seems better for me.

I'll do a quick recap of photos and milestones to get this blog up to speed though :)

June 26th, 10 Weeks (This will be the photo I show Zombie Baby and say SEEEE? See what I used to be??? I kid. I kid. Ok, I might. Don't judge me!)

August 9, 16 Weeks, 2 Days
- Felt the first kicks- low and to the left

August 23rd, 18 Weeks, 2 Days- Carl and I were both able to see kicks from the outside!

September 4th, 20 Weeks (Half way there!)

October 4th, 24 Weeks (Viability Day!)
That gets you up to present day. Oh and if you missed it in an earlier post and you are wondering why I am referring to my baby as though he/she is part of the living dead, it has a lot to do with a time sucking iPad game (Plants vs. Zombies) where you are defending your home from a variety of zombies. Should they get past your defense of plants, the "Zombie's eat your brains!" I am sure that is what this baby is doing, because pretty much from day 1 of this pregnancy, I have felt like my brains took a vacation. Thus, Zombie Baby is eating my brains. Make sense? No? It doesn't have to for you, so long as it does for me. :)

So anyway, how was your weekend? Thrilling I'm sure! Now someone go drink a martini for me! I'm going to need the stress relief if this whole bridesmaid dress thing doesn't work itself out quickly.


  1. Some seamstresses just work better under stress. I'm attending a wedding in two weeks - she hasn't started MAKING the flowergirl dress, bride's alterations, or alterations on a few of the bridesmaid dresses. I've been told she will deliver them to the church if need be - maybe you need to check your late delivery clause?!?

  2. You look great! Love the baby bump!!

  3. You look adorable! :D Congrats on the pregnancy!!


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