Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Decor: Formal Spaces Revealed

I'm back to finish up the holiday home tour here at My Happy House. Other than a candle or little decoration here and there, these are the only other rooms that get a full makeover. You can see the family room here. The formal spaces in the house have a theme of Red, Silver and Sparkly!

*As always, you can click on the photos to see them larger.

I was really excited when I pulled out the Advent Calendar I bought from Target last year after Christmas. I had forgotten about it and it was the perfect addition to the sideboard this year! Otherwise, it's similar to last year.

For the dining table, I definitely wanted something different, but again not so different that I had to spend any money. I figured I'd use the same candle and holder but jazz it up a bit. I filled the bottom with silver bulbs and fake cranberries. Setting it on the white platter and adding silver bulbs to the outside gave it a little more substance and depth. I wanted to kind of mimic the idea on the chandelier and broke out a spool of ribbon from last year with some old silver bulbs. I used the same silver and red beaded charger place mats and set the table with our simple white dinnerware and wine glasses.

Lastly, are the floating shelves in the living room and the red and silver tree, aka MY tree. Our Lenox Nativity Scene from my parents continues to grow each year and I kept the rest pretty simple by just using some greenery, candles, bulbs and holiday frames.

And Carl says everyone needs a snowglobe. I wasn't 100% on board, but this guy has definitely found a place in my heart!

That's all for the holiday decorating around these parts. And it was all done without spending a dime this year, oh except for a tree topper. We didn't have one last year, oops! Now here's hoping Baby Boy cooks long enough to get it all put away after Christmas is over! I have faith that he already knows what kind of personality his mom has and he wouldn't dare show up too terribly early!


  1. I looove the idea of hanging bulbs from the chandelier. Everything looks wonderful :)

  2. I hung my extra bulbs from the chandelier last year, too. This year, I have not decorated, as I have no energy to do so with a three week-old! LOL I'll just have to make up for it big time next year ;)

  3. Everything looks lovely. Very classy and classic, but updated. Thanks for sharing it all.

  4. I love the bulbs from the chandelier, what a great idea, all your decor is beautiful.


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