Friday, December 10, 2010

Product Review: Method Daily Shower Spray

I've talked before about the importance of a daily shower spray. If you've never used one before, trust me, you should. I finally made the switch to the Method Daily Shower Spray and am thoroughly pleased!

Product Review:
1. The scent is quite nice- sort of baby powder like
2. It is non-toxic, so I feel ok spraying it while I'm still in the shower with no harm to my cooking baby
3. It works just as good as any other spray I've used, if not better
4. It is a touch more expensive than the other sprays I've used, but I find the benefits to outweigh this small negative

Things to note:
1. Starting with a clean shower is rather key. The shower sprays are really meant to keep up on a clean shower, not actually clean the shower
2. However, this spray specifically says that if you don't start with a clean shower, just expect 3-4 weeks for it to actually clean it. I thought that was pretty impressive.
3. If you aren't faithful with it, it doesn't take long for the grime to come back. I find I can miss a day here and there, but more than a couple days and you lose a lot of the progress.


  1. You know I have tried the daily shower spray, I think I use Arm & Hammer and it really does work! My shower has stayed so clean for a really long time, I was a bit of a skeptic when I started your original challenge, but it really works.

  2. This is all I have been using for the past 8 it too! I also love that they have a larger refill bottle to help cut down on the cost. I think it is $4.99 for the refill bottle and I usually get around 2 1/2 refills out of it.


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