Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

Tonight was a pretty standard Tackle It Tuesday. (By the way, I think I need a new name for this day. I like to abbreviate these kinds of things and, well, Tackle It Tuesday does NOT abbreviate well) The pantry and laundry room needed some attention. I had actually organized the food portion of the pantry the other day, but the upper shelves needed some fixing and the laundry room was rather disgusting.

So, la la la before = gross:

After = Sparkly!

But tonight I took it up a notch. I've always avoided the utility sink in the laundry room. I figured it was a lost cause all splattered with paint and such. It was so bad, I assumed we would just buy a new one down the road. Well, let me give a shout out to Bar Keeper's Friend and a little waterproof sandpaper, because this bad boy looks almost like new. At first it wasn't doing anything, so I didn't even bother taking a before photo. I didn't think there would be anything to show, and by the time I realized there would, it was too late. Please ignore the very dirty socks. Or check them out. That is dog love right there. Gibson's chain broke loose and Carl bolted after him in his socks to retrieve him. And he says he doesn't even like him. Pashaw.

Before (Click to see it larger with a VERY small bit of the detail):

And here in this old picture (Again click to see it larger):

After!!!! (One more time, click to see larger)

It's hard to tell, but it is VERY clean. Before it was VERY not clean. I'm pretty excited about it and every time I walk by it, it looks wrong. Like it's missing something. I'm not sure if that should also make me excited, or embarrassed. Ah well.

How was your Tuesday night? Did you tackle anything? If not do it tomorrow! And if it's not in the cards for tomorrow, join me next week. Same place, same time, next week.


  1. I've missed Tackle it Tuesday! Glad to have it back. :)

  2. Welcome back!! It is tough to get back into a routine with a newborn, as they have a tendency to throw everything off by creating their own schedule and ruining yours!


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