Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

It's Tuesday. You didn't forget, did you? I feel rather accomplished today, and one of the reasons is because I took advantage of Cam's cat nap this evening and cleaned our bathroom. I try to give it a (very) quick wipe down daily so it doesn't get too dirty, but I find it still needs a good cleaning once a week. I love getting ready in a clean bathroom. Something about getting clean in something that is clean. Double clean. Clean2. You get the point.

Now off you go! Time to tackle something. You've got lots of time left in the day. Then come back and tell me what you tackled! Maybe a load of laundry? Unload the dishwasher? Clean out a cupboard? The options are endless! :)

OH! But before you go, take note of the sidebar. That's right folks. I'm trying out Ol Facebook for My Happy House. I thought it might help with check ins, reminders and little updates. Go on...like it. You know you want to! My Happy House on Facebook.

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  1. Love Tackle it Tuesday! Tonight I mopped the kitchen floor and entryway, emptied out the trash bins in the house, took out the trash, and ran the dishwasher. Success!


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