Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How I Make Our Bed

I've been asked before how I make our bed, so here is my tutorial. However, if you have a big aversion to wrinkles, you may not want to go any further. There was no time to iron out wrinkles when I took the photos. Sorry.

First, here is our naked bed, or at least as naked as it gets for us. We use a waterproof allergen protector on our mattress. Carl has allergies, so this is a necessity. Plus, the bed skirt is on there (again...forgive my wrinkles. They have fallen out by now, promise)

Next goes the fitted sheet. Flat sheet goes over that. I put ours on what looks like it would be upside down. You'll see why later.
This next step I do every day even though Carl undoes it....every day. I like my side tucked, he doesn't, but when I make the bed, it's all tucked. Sometimes I tuck the sides, but not usually.
Next I prep the duvet cover. I scrunch up to the two furthest corners.

I then place the duvet inside the cover grasping the corners of both the duvet and cover and shake like a mad woman to get them to line up. Button up the bottom and ta da- duvet all set!
Next, about 1/3 of the duvet gets flipped back.

And then about 1/4 of the top sheet gets flipped back. This is why it gets put on upside down.

(Alternate sheet fold)
Sometimes I'll fold the sheet back and wrap around the duvet like this:

I like it both ways (that's what she said...).

Lastly, place the pillows. I like to have an odd number of pillows. It's just my preference. I like two Euro pillows (the square ones in the back), two regular ones (laying flat), two sham pillows and then one accent pillow. You can also see the flat sheet folded under the mattress at the head of the bed for a cleaner look as well.

So that's that. Nothing too fancy, but it makes for a nice looking bed. As for a washing schedule, we have two sets of sheets. I change the sheets once a week. Every two weeks, the two sets of sheets get washed together. On the off week of washing the sheets, the duvet cover, euro shams, regular shams and accent pillowcase get washed. This way we get new sheets every week, and the rest of the bedding is washed twice a month without overloading the washing machine.Sooooo...did you make your bed today??


  1. Molly, Brian does the SAME THING. He says it hurts his toes to have the sheets tucked in. I say, deal with it big foot. And every morning (OK, not every, but most) I tuck them back in. That night, the cycle repeats ;) Too funny!

  2. I only make our bed when we have people over LOL

  3. I LOVE your Duvet! Where did you get it?

  4. Shawna- It's from Pottery Barn.


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