Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And the Winner is.....


Sheila, you've won your very own subscription to Woman's Day! It's honestly one of my very favorite, underrated magazines. And sadly, my subscription ended, so I'm "winning" one too. It's only appropriate, right?

And for the results of the vote, yeah, it was sort of a landslide. We're starting over. I'm going to do this one just a bit differently though. We're going to call this one:

The Express Weekly Challenge

I need a good jumpstart and I thought about it last night. Rather than 10 weeks of one new addition per week, we'll be doing 5 weeks of two new tasks per week. Think you can handle it? I know you can! Commit to joining today! I'll post the first (and second I suppose) tasks shortly. There is no time to wait. I've also got a handful of new posts in the queue I can't wait to share with you. Man it feels good :)

If you are joining with me, feel free to copy the code for the Challenge Mascot at the top of my sidebar and put the button on YOUR blog! Let everyone know your house is about to be in tip top shape!

So...are you with me? :)


  1. Count me in girly! I'm not blogging much anymore though. :(

  2. I'm SO ready for my house to be in order! Bring on the motivation!

  3. Thank you!!! I'm so excited! Can't wait to start the challenge!


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