Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy House Express Challenge: Week 2

Week One Done! How did you do? Is your bed made? Is your sink empty? one is looking- go do it now. Are you wondering what in the heck I'm talking about? Go here, it's not too late to join us! First off, your fearless leader will report in her results.

Week 1:
Make the Bed: 7/7
Empty the Sink: 7/7

Oh yeah, woo hoo, uh huh! 7/7 on both accounts. But now it's your turn. Report in the comments how you did. Just use the same format I used and feel free to add any details you might have. Do you have a trick to get the sink empty in a jiffy? Share it! You can also take it a step further and blog about your results, then make sure to share the link in the InLinkz below.

Now, of course, we need to add two more tasks, but you are all determined individuals, so I know you can handle it!

Clear the Clutter!

I'm not talking about your whole house, that would be quite a task. I'm not even talking about half of your house, simply one room. Pick one room a night to clear the clutter. It can even be the same room every night- your choice. But choose one room to get in tip top shape. I like to focus on the family room as it's the one that sees the most action and displacing of items. I usually have to put away my camera, cords, dishes, Cam's toys and whatever other items I was using for the day. Leaving that room in order before going to bed means you get to wake up to a perfectly clean space, ready for a day of action!

My main reasoning for this is that it forces you to give everything a home. This way, when you have guests coming over, it's not a mad dash to hide things under the bed, in the back of closets or who knows where! It's simply putting things back where they belong. If this seems like a daunting task, just spend 5 minutes a night decluttering until the space is in pristine order. Then it's just maintaining!

Sweep the Kitchen Floor!
This task honestly takes 2 minutes, but makes such a difference. I know with a dog, and a soon to be crawling baby, this one is important to me. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen throughout the day, which, inevitably, means stuff ends up on the floor. Sweeping the kitchen daily keeps that dust and debris from making it to other areas of the house. Just a quick sweep with a broom or a dry Swiffer type product is all it needs. If I use the Swiffer, I can easily just use the same dusting pad for the whole week. No need to use a new one every day!

So there we have it. Our two new tasks to add on to our tasks from last week. Let's recap, and don't forget, we aren't replacing tasks here, but adding!

Week 1: Make the Bed & Empty the Sink!
Week 2: Clear the Clutter & Sweep the Kitchen Floor!

Now, don't forget to enter your results. For a little incentive, because I'm all about the incentive, if we get at least 20 people to enter their results each week, there will be a giveaway at the end. It doesn't matter if you are 7/7 or 0/7. Simply posting your results is all that matters! Can't wait to see how you all did.


  1. I joined late...just three days ago in fact, but I'm 3/3 on those days! Really 3/7 though. :)

  2. Empty the sink: 7/7
    Make the bed: 4/7

  3. I joined late also, but what a huge difference 4 days makes! 3/4

  4. Make the bed: 1/7 - I'm really bad at this one
    Empty the sink: 6/7 - not too bad there!

  5. Make the bed: 7/7 - it's amazing how much cleaner the room feels just because the bed is made!
    Empty the sink: 5/7 - not too bad considering I don't have a dishwasher!

  6. Make the bed 7/7
    Empty the sink 5/7 - there is a mug and spoon in there right now and I don't feel like washing it or emptying the dishwasher to clean it.

  7. medicechic- very impressive for your sink portion!

    Nancy- that totally counts!

  8. Make the Bed: 7/7
    Empty the Sink: 7/7

    Woohoo! I'm proud of myself. haha. Making the bed was the hardest because I get up earlier than my fiance, so I have to make it after he's gotten up, and that always throws me off, but I did it!

  9. Bed: 7/7
    Sink: 7/7

    For some reason, sweeping my kitchen floor is the toughest thing for me to do. We live in an old house (~95 years) and the vinyl floors in the kitchen are so dingy. It's rather discouraging to clean the floors and have them look "dirty" still.

  10. Bed: 4/7
    Sink: 4/7

    It is amazing how much more accomplished I feel when the sink is empty!

  11. Bed 0/0 :(
    Sink 3/7

    Baby steps! I will catch up!

  12. Bed: 7/7
    Sink: 7/7

    Thanks to my hubby for the bed! He wakes up later and ALWAYS makes the bed.

    I think I can manage the sweeping. We have to do that every day due to our two large dogs.

  13. Empty the sink: 4/7
    Make the bed: 7/7
    Not sure how to rate empty the sink though - we have a double sink and leave bigger items in one side to dry overnight. NO dirty dishes left in the sink though all week :)
    The clutter is gonna be hard this week - we're still in the midst of bathroom renos. Sigh.

  14. @whiskybaker- That definitely counts for the sink! I leave dishes out to dry overnight on the stove all the time. Good luck with the renos!

  15. I'm a little late posting, but I'm loving this challenge!
    Week One:
    Make the Bed- 7/7
    Empty the Sink - 7/7

  16. forgot to leave a comment last week:
    6/7 making bed
    7/7 for cleaning out my sink


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