Saturday, August 27, 2011

Outerwear Organization

Since this week we added "Organize Your Outwear" to the challenge list of to dos, I thought I should show how we've updated our "outwear" organization. Keep in mind, my definition of outerwear is anything you take out of the house with you on a regular basis. Shoes, coats, purses, laptop bags, diaper bags, sunglasses, etc.

I already showed you how terrible our front closet was looking up until now. Yipes. But it's in much better shape now. I organized our shoes that we wear often in the baskets in the bottom. The rest went upstairs to be put away in our shoe holders in our bedroom; more on that later. I also went through our coats.

I promise, unless the photo is supposed to have Gibson in it, I do not stage these things. I think he's trying to become famous. Sorry Gib, I don't think this is the way to get there.

Let's stay downstairs and discuss my baggage. No, not my emotional baggage. My literal baggage, the things I put my whole life in and carry around with me! We started putting a lot of things in the laundry room including our laptop bags, but once Cam arrived, it was getting way too cluttered. Between laptop bags, diaper bags, my purses, and more it was just too much. We scaled that entry area back to just purses, my diaper bag and my reusable shopping bags as those are the things I take out of the house the most.
We also still have the other shelf/mirror on the other wall that we use for car keys and our sunglasses.

However, that meant we needed a new place for the less used items. Carl came up with the idea to use the staircase wall heading down to the basement. Perfect! We used these hooks from Ikea because if they aren't being used they flip up which was important to us to avoid any potential injuries.

That's it for downstairs. We've got a place for our bags, shoes, coats, keys and more. But what about all those other shoes that aren't worn as much or perhaps are out of season? I've been using this system for years now, and granted, I let it go for a bit, but when you actually USE it, it works! The Shoes Under system just slides under our bed. I bought four of them and unfortunately have filled them all...and then some. And that's after this recent organization when I got rid of about 20 pairs of shoes. I'm not kidding. Granted, many of those shoes were very old or just flimsy flip flops.

Anyway, it started like this:

And now it's like this:

All neatly organized and each one is slid under the bed, easily accessible. I take these photos not just to show you how they look, but they also get put up on the inside of the door of the closet. That way, I know at a glance what shoes are where rather than to slide each individual holder out and look. Lazy? Maybe a little...I like to call it resourceful!

Lastly, if I take the holders out from under the bed, they are immediately replaced with my four legged friend. This photo was not staged, but it is just to show you what goes under my bed. I still haven't figured out that fascination.

Was that enough inspiration to go organize your outerwear? Hopefully, cause that's all I've got for you right now! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


  1. Oh, How I wish I had a front closet...I have hooks and baskets, but my husband refuses to find the hooks.. therefore I still have clothes on my kitchen chairs... (sigh)... love how you've organized and it looks great!!!

  2. Our front closet was a dumping ground for things we didn't want sitting around. It wasn't pretty. I actually organized it earlier in the summer, so now it's clean and I have someplace to store my vacuum cleaner. haha.

  3. Ok. Now this is so organized!

    Those white shoes with the Turq stones are those Calvin Klien?
    I have some brown shoes just like that!

    Hmmm wonder *IF* I show you my clost is there HOPE!

  4. The white shoes are actually Jessica Simpson!

  5. Wow I wish for a front closet as well maybe next move.Great ideas for keeping things neat even in the unseen places.

  6. I love all your organization posts - so inspiring, thank you! Also, Gibson is just adorable with his little head poking out from under the bed :)


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