Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Real Life View: Kitchen

In honor of starting the challenge tonight, I'm giving you a real life view of my kitchen and how it looks on a typical evening. I actually had extra dishes tonight, so I ran the dishwasher, emptied and refilled it with the few extras.

This isn't edited to look nice, I've got bottle parts drying, all my produce on the counter (including stuff to make salsa tomorrow) and a bottle warmer. Oh yeah, a baby lives here for sure. But my sink is empty and clean and ready for a day of cooking tomorrow!

I vacuumed upstairs today, so my bedroom was pretty similar to the photo I posted today. I can't wait to go up there tonight and drift off!

Did you empty your sink and make your bed today? It's not too late!


  1. Welcome back! I think we need an update on that baby of yours.

  2. I ran my dishwasher this afternoon, so this evening I emptied it and washed a few dishes that hadn't fit. It's so nice going to bed with ZERO dirty dishes. It'll make waking up to clean in the morning that much easier. :)

  3. @Gia- I've got to get Cam's 6 month post up, but his 5 month is up on the other blog!

    @etta- That is my favorite part, coming down to a clean kitchen in the morning! I get our coffee pot all ready and filled so all we have to do is push one button. It makes me look forward to waking up!


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