Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Happenings

Sundays have really become treasured days for me. I'll be so sad when our town's farmer's market comes to an end for the year. I'm having way too much fun finding produce and other neat finds. My favorite so far this year? A Tart Michigan Cherry & Rhubarb Jam- YUM!!

Farmer's Market Bounty:
Candy Onions
English Toasting Bread
Total Cost: $13.50

I also like that it gives me an excuse to get dressed :/ I mean, I get dressed every day, but Cam doesn't care what I wear. It's all the same to him.

Normally I play it safe, but lately I've been mixing unexpected colors, at least for me. Mustard, blue-gray, ivory and bronze? Sure!

Mustard Top: Banana Republic Factory
Blue-Gray & Ivory Chevron Print Skirt: Old Navy
Bronze Belt: JCrew Factory...I think....
Necklace...that you can't see: Lia Sophia
Bronze Sandals: NY&Co I think, from oh probably 5 years ago

Mr. Cam's Outfit:
White Long Sleeved Polo: Old Navy
Blue & White Striped Belted Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

Perhaps when the farmer's market is over for the year, I'll just focus on couponing. Although, I don't think I need to spend any extra time on that! I am stockpiled on enough items as it is! The way I coupon is a little different than your normal couponer. I'm pretty brand loyal. I find something I like and I usually stick with it. But when I find a good deal on something we use, then I will definitely stock up!

My favorite Merona Tank Tops on sale this week for $5 down from $8! I got 5 :)
Tropicana Orange Juice- On sale for $3 + $1 off manf coupon = $2 a bottle!
Cottonelle Wipes $2.49 each. $1.25 off Target coupon + $.75 Manf coupon = $1.24 each!

The spoons weren't a deal, but I did buy them today :)

We're still working hard on our projects tonight, but I can't wait for all the updates this week! Stay tuned for lots of new posts!

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