Sunday, August 21, 2011

What I Wore: Late Summer BBQ

1. I don't like that my title has the word "Late" next to the word "Summer." But it's true.
2. I promise, I'll take better photos of my WIW in the future. I am realizing how difficult it is to take a last minute photo with a kid in the picture...the picture of life, not that actual photo. You know what I mean.
3. I am willing to post the not so great photo, because I just adore so much of this outfit.
Top: JCrew Factory
Cropped Pants: JCrew Factory
Sandals: JCrew Factory
Clutch: Coach
(Yeah...not a lot of variety going on there)

What I love about it:
  • The olivey-mustard color of the stripes
  • The stripes, in general
  • The almost muslin material of the shirt
  • Navy.
  • My gold shoes that go with my gold cocktail ring- I wear them, probably, too often.
And because you can't see it up there, the ring. I love the rolled edges and how they sort of give it a nautical theme. The opal was bought by my parents in Australia as a gift. I had worked with family friend who designs jewelry to do the setting. That was back in 8th grade or so...which I think is pretty interesting too!


  1. please share your 'lose the baby weight' secret! i can only hope i look this good 6 months post-pregnancy (i've got 1.5 months to go).

  2. @Courtney- thanks! But I really can't take any credit. I do try to eat balanced meals throughout the day, and my cleaning is my exercise, but otherwise, it's all breastfeeding!

  3. Great ring. And cute outfit, too.


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