Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Final Check In: Happy House Express Challenge

Stand up. Take a bow. You did it! You made it to the end of the Happy House Express Challenge! (If you didn't play along, that's OK, I'm sure you deserve to take the bow for something else)

Hopefully, you are enjoying your clean and tidy house, especially since that was our 10th task anyway! Let's do our final check in.

1. Make the Bed: 6/7 (Eek, missed one day and I didn't even realize it until I climbed into bed that night)
2. Empty the Sink: 7/7!
3. Clear the Clutter: 7/7!
4. Sweep the Kitchen Floor: 7/7!
5. Sort the Mail: 6/6!
6. Spray Your Shower: 7/7!
7. Write it Down: 7/7!
8. Organize Your Outerwear: 5/7 (I tend to forget about this one a bit in the warm months)
9. Clean the Counters: 6/7 (Kitchen was set 7/7, the bathroom got me!)
10. Relax and Enjoy Your Clean House: 7/7!!!

Now, the challenge is over, but that doesn't mean we stop doing the 10 daily tasks. Hopefully these tasks have become routine for you. If not, press on, they'll become habit soon enough! I hope you enjoyed the express version, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! Did you miss out on the challenge all together? No worries, I have links to the regular version on the right side of the blog. Start your own 10 week challenge!

So, one last time, give me your results in the comments! Or better yet, share your own blog post in the InLinkz below!


  1. I was 7/7 on everything BUT sweeping my darn kitchen floor. I don't know what it is about that chore, I just hate doing it. Each time I'd think about doing it, I'd realize it was 2PM and it was going to get messy again before bed.

  2. I was 7/7 on most things, but not spraying the shower (3/7)or sorting the mail (6/7).

  3. Just discovered your blog. Can't wait till the next challenge. These seem very useful. I'm a new follower. Would love for you to stop by and share the love.


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