Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guest Blogger: 10 Years Later with a Nook Tutorial

I'd like to introduce you to Amanda. She's the author of 10 Years Later and a dear friend of mine. I invited her to be a guest blogger, and she knew exactly what she wanted to share with you, my wonderful readers! See what she did with, what seemed like, an unusable space in her adorable 1950's house!

Hi Happy House Followers! I have a project to share for Transformation Thursday. Hope you enjoy!

We bought our house in March of 2010. Most everything was updated, but the house is old and some things clearly had not been touched since it was built in the 1950s. One of those things being a built in shelf on the landing headed up towards our bedroom. It had a door on it, so I threw a bunch of my purses and shoes that I seldom use inside, shut the door and called it a day year and a half.

It has been on my never-ending DIY to-do list to renovate it and turn it into more of a focal point with photo frames and such.

I primed and primed and primed (that's right, 3 coats) to cover the wood paneling inside. I like to use Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint & Primer in One.

The plan was to remove the door and just paint the inside white. I recently had the idea to paint the back wall something different for a fun pop of color. Picking that color was way harder than it should have been. This shelf gets pretty much no natural light, so I didn't want to go too dark with the paint choice. The far wall in our bedroom (that is nowhere near this shelf) is a slate gray color, but the rest of our walls are white. My initial thought was a deep teal or plum, but like I said, too dark. Then I was thinking a natural tan or sandstone, which I talked myself out of. I don't do many projects like this, so I didn't want it to read as too boring.

I came across the precious metals collection by Martha Stewart while at my beloved Home Depot. I was intrigued by this shade and decided to give it a try. It's called Tide Pool.

Clearly you know I taped in order to paint the back wall. Doesn't really need a mention, but then I would have no reason to share this photo. It has been nearly a week and I still have white paint in my hair from all of the maneuvering I had to do in order to prime. This space is tiny, but not tiny enough to keep my arse out of it in order to effectively tape!

Gotta thank the husband for capturing this Kodak moment!

I had never painted with a silver base paint before. It took three coats in order to not see the brush strokes but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I don't know exactly what I plan to put inside, but I gathered some things so you'll get the idea of what I want out of it.

I'd say it's an improvement! What do you think? I'll give ya a side-by-side!

It feels good to check this item off of that to-do list!

Now to find another place to hide this...

Thanks Amanda for the awesome idea!


  1. That's a great transformation for such a strange use of space.

  2. You are correct! lol Think of the fun you will have changing this space for the seasons.

  3. What a great transformation! I'm so scared to paint anything as I just don't want to mess up.


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